Windows 10 laptop overheating solution

Max. processor state is the most key point for reduce overheating,  usually, this is somewhat like reduce CPU frequency.


laptop overheating in Windows 10? Try this simple method to fix the overheating problem. Right click on Windows Start Button I Power Options I select your current plan I change plan settings I Change Advanced Power Settings I Processor Power Management I you have to do two changes here
1- Maximum Processor State: change it around 75 both on battery and plugged in
2- System Cooling Policy: Make it active both on battery and Plugged in
NOW RESTART your PC and check if it has minimized the heating

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OpenWrt : Setting auto re-dial with pppoe



[ -z “$INTERFACE” ] && exit 1


# check for current and actually used interface from /var/state
[ “`uci -P /var/state -q get network.$INTERFACE.up`” == ‘1’ ] && IFNAME=`uci -P /var/state -q get network.$INTERFACE.ifname`

# bridge
[ -z “$IFNAME” ] && {
IFTYPE=`uci -P /var/state -q get network.$INTERFACE.type`
[ “$IFTYPE” = ‘bridge’ ] && IFNAME=”br-$INTERFACE”

# special protocol
[ -z “$IFNAME” ] && {
IFPROTO=`uci -P /var/state -q get network.$INTERFACE.proto`
case “$IFPROTO” in
for file in `ls -1 /tmp/.ppp-counter/ppp*`; do
[ `cat “$file”` = “$INTERFACE” ] && { IFNAME=`basename $file`; break; }

# fallback, use interface as ifname

# check if interface is connected
net_addr=`ifconfig $IFNAME 2> /dev/null | grep ‘\binet addr:\b’`

if [ “$net_addr” = “” ]; then
echo “Re-dial $IFNAME “
ifup $1
sleep 12
echo “Restart multiwan”
/etc/init.d/multiwan restart
sleep 10
echo “Check current route status…”
echo “`route`”
echo “$IFNAME is up “

#ifconfig $IFNAME | grep ‘\binet addr:\b’

exit wan wan2 wan3 wan4

Adding cronjob or using Luci > System > Scheduled Tasks, 

*/1 * * * * /sbin/


After I tried Astrill VPN for few days, I knew it was very faster than what I ever imagine, but it wasn’t enough reliable sometimes.

Finally, I still made decision to purchase the VPN for one year license in $66 , I wish that it might help me working through XXX Firewall!

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